At JFD, we believe in a collaborative design process between clients, the design team, and local fabricators, resulting in a balance between function, attention to detail, and contemporary ideas of space. We are continuously striving to create exciting, flexible spaces that incorporate a rich palette of materials. Custom design work is strongly featured in all of our projects. Our understanding of fabrication methods, and our long-standing relationships with specialized fabricators, results in an individualized, custom-designed space.

Our design process moves through three phases: Discovery, Design, and Implementation.

DISCOVERY: At the beginning of your project, we’ll take you through our proven methodology to learn about your business, design goals, and aesthetic sensibilities. This collaborative process results in a mutual understanding of your project goals. We also begin exploring creative concepts that we will carry throughout the design process. While the ideas presented during this phase are conceptually based, they provide the inspiration and foundation for the design direction taken throughout the project.

DESIGN: Now that we have a design direction, its time for us to dive into the details. During the design development phase, we move from the more conceptual and abstract to specific design solutions. We finalize the floor plans, and design or select the architectural features, furniture, lighting and finishes. We also begin engaging with the various craftsmen and contractors whose expertise aligns with our design vision, enlisting them as team players.

IMPLEMENTATION: At this point the majority of the design decisions have been made, the vendors, timelines, and budgets have been established, so it's time to build. We help coordinate and manage the entire build process ensuring that goals and timelines are met. As the project comes to completion we work to tie up any last minute details and help prepare for the opening.

We understand that getting to the end of our project is just the beginning of yours. Even though the project is complete, we remain accessible and engaged to help fine tune as needed as the operation is taken through its first paces post-launch. 





Though the majority of our projects are end-to-end, we also work with select clients in a consulting and advisory capacity. These services may include help with budget planning, development and implementation of communication and project management methodologies, material selection, vendor selection and management of custom fabricators.




Furniture, seating, and storage, while offering practical solutions, also contribute to defining the flow, comfort, and usability of the space. The selection of materials, finishes, and construction is critical in tying the space together and creating an impactful and memorable experience.

Our studio can provide furniture and fixture design as a stand alone service. Working with local fabricators we can build anything from one-off pieces to entire systems.

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With a profound understanding of the critical role that light plays in influencing the ambiance, atmosphere and overall users experience we strategically use lighting design to provide a practical and emotional experience customized for each setting. 

In addition to fixture selection our lighting design services offer full custom fixture development and fabrication in collaboration with specialty craftsmen.