Everybody was kung-fu fighting, Those kicks were fast as lightning

Williamsburg, Brooklyn circa 1977



"Many of the diners in our city are members of the creative class; an ever expanding segment of our society.  They value authenticity and self-expression. They seek out experiences that speak to them emotionally.

Aside from just creating spaces that diners want to eat in, we need to create spaces where they can socialize and feel a sense of community. They want to feel comfortable in the space while being able to relate and respect the story attached to it.

If we can create a space that our guests feel aligns with their values, then we set the stage for an emotionally and content rich experience."

- Joseph Foglia

For over 20 years, Joseph Foglia’s Design Studio in Williamsburg has designed award-winning restaurants, residences and retail spaces that both reflect the client’s sensibilities and provide enchanting guest experiences. The aesthetic appeal of the studio’s inspired, intentional and intelligent design attracts creative-minded individuals who not only value the comforts of space, but also the underlying stories behind those spaces.

For more information about our work or to inquire how we could work together, please contact us at info@jfdstudio.com